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As successful Business Owners In today’s changing business environment, we need to continually strive to identify and secure new opportunities to expand our range of service levels and improve our market footprint. A specific and fully supported direct aim within the business model of the P.I.I.G. is the development of successful Strategic Alliance Partnerships with essential service providers in the Financial Services, Accounting and Legal environments to achieve this.

Consider this for a moment;

How would you like to . . .

  • Add more revenue streams and greater profits with very little effort and no investment?
  • Generate more clients and improved workflows within your own business?
  • Increase your firm’s access to a new and varied client base to improve your revenues?
  • Substantially benefit your in house efficiencies?
  • Gain access to a new and untapped source of revenue?
  • Become part of a referral and opportunity flow network dedicated to delivering on client outcomes?

In short, dramatically improve your bottom line !

If yes;

Then this is our invitation to you. . .

The P.I.I.G. aim is to deliver to our Strategic Alliance Partners (SAPs) a range of Investment Programs to enhance their current service offerings and provide direct access to experts in the broader Professional Services community essential to achieving extraordinary results . . .

The P.I.I.G. has made the decision to firstly work with a small number of professional organizations and to extend our personal invitations to various highly qualified professionals to join this select group. By being part of this initiative and utilizing the P.I.I.G. programs to greater business success our SAPs are achieving better, more sustainable revenues and greater profitability.

You are invited to actively investigate with the direct assistance of our principals how the P.I.I.G. platforms will enhance your business.


Our aim with the SAP model is to deliver quality investment services from the facilitation of enhanced business relations with successful service providers within the various allied industry groups, to the betterment of all stakeholders involved. These stakeholders will include firstly the Clients of the various service providers, be they investors or similar, secondly the Service Providers themselves, including those in the finance, legal and accounting arenas, amongst others, and finally the Vendors and providers of various investment classes and products.


First and foremost this model focuses on the provision of enhanced service levels with achievable and measurable added success to the clients of the SAP’s. A client may be typically an individual, family or group looking to increase their level of asset values and incomes and any combination of these, from passive to more or less direct involvement in the portfolio.

The four critical elements of investment include that of income or Return On Investment (ROI), Capital Growth (CG) in asset value to improve the value of the portfolio, the age and specific Strategic Plan (SP) of the investor client and the amount of Time (T) available for the investment to reveal the full effectiveness of any investment strategy. Any successful model must fully recognise these four elements and account for each of them to achieve the planned for result.


Secondly, the model accounts for the work, effort and accountability of the SAP in their excellent provision of any successful investment program for their investor clients. The P.I.I.G. recognises that a great deal of work is performed by the SAPs in the generation of clients who are ready to become investors or enhance their investment portfolio or even just to consider the possibility of using one of the innovative services provided by the P.I.I.G.. This recognition may be in any number or combination of fully disclosable incentives, fees and discounts to recognise this work and accountability.

An SAP may include Licensed Financial Planners and similar Strategic Investment Planning firms and groups, Licensed Insurance and Risk Analysts, Licensed Finance Aggregators, Licensed Finance Brokers and other providers of investment funds, Lawyers in all arenas of law and Conveyancers, Accountants, Book keepers and


Thirdly, the model clearly recognises that there are various investment classes, namely property (direct and indirect), stocks, shares, investment funds and other equities and of course cash investments such as debentures, loans, bank deposits and similar. the suitability and applicability of each of these must be carefully considered in devising and the provision of any investment strategy.

The delivery of expert advice and negotiated acquisition of the suggested or required asset is best left to experts in these various asset classes and the P.I.I.G. has an ongoing program of review of these providers, including property agents and developers, stock brokers and share traders and bank and non bank investment advisers. The critical element in the P.I.I.G. reviews include the historic strength of the provider, the historic success of the provider’s various services, the costs and strategic services provided as an ongoing program and the current state of the investment cycle relevant to the particular provider.


Orientation and Introduction of the P.I.I.G. Investment Platforms to your raft of business services.

So that you can confidently offer the range of P.I.I.G. Investment and Property Solutions, the P.I.I.G. will provide all the necessary training and mentoring that will enable you introduce these opportunities to potential clients/prospects.

Sustained Momentum

So that you can get results fast, P.I.I.G. has created a proven marketing campaign and collateral that will allow you to easily introduce it to your current clients/prospects. By following these strategies you will find that not only will you get greater results for this new offering, you may find like other Professional services providers that in fact you generate more clients/work as a result.

Results & Revenue

The P.I.I.G. model, followed over the course of the 3 month campaign (which you will learn more about), with full implementation of the marketing/activity strategies, as part of your current activities, can conservatively add a substantial qualitative degree of revenue to your bottom line. The best thing about it is all you have to do is introduce your existing client base to the suite of programs,

P.I.I.G. does the rest.


  • Increase your firm’s access to a new and varied client base to improve your revenues.
  • Substantially benefit your in house efficiencies.
  • Gain access to a new and untapped source of revenue.

In short, improving your bottom line.




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