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Property Investment Ready

Are you ready to make the decision to become a property investor with the outcome of building a multi million $ property portfolio?

If you answered YES, then PII Certification 1 is a leading educational and mentoring platform that can support you in your outcomes and dreams.

This program is for both people who have just made the decision to build a property investment portfolio through to those who have already purchased investment properties. It is also for people who want to build the mindset and learn the strategies of those master property investors for the purpose of building a property investment portfolio over time that will provide you a passive income for life.

The program is a combination of personal mentoring & advisory, a two-day event including a self paced CD learning system and 1 years membership to the Property Investment Institute.

This membership will provide you access to some of the best expertise and resources in the property investment industry while at the same you are part of a like minded community and will be on the inside loop of some of the best property investment opportunities available in your locality.

All of this together represents exceptional value. More importantly it is an investment in you, in your future and in building a substantial portfolio of assets that will which can be a legacy for those people you care for. This program is the answer to the question of “How do you build a Multi Million $ property portfolio?”


This foundation program will provide

  • The Property Millionaire Masterplan that in 10 years can create financial freedom
  • 7 Powerful property investment strategies that can accelerate your wealth
  • How to create the Property Millionaire Mindset which is essential for success
  • The steps to designing the lifestyle and financial freedom that is your potential
  • How to breakthrough personal limitations that have held you back up until now from creating the life & wealth you desire and deserve


By enrolling in the program you will get;

  • 1 years membership to PII
  • Property Millionaire Journal & CD program
  • Your personal Property Millionaire Masterplan
  • 1 years subscription to Ezy Vault


By completing this program;

  • We will have together developed your masterplan which is your 10 year property acquisition strategy to build a multi million $ portfolio.
  • You will become Property Investment Ready which can save you significant $ on finance, tax and professional services when building your property portfolio.
  • You will have learnt powerful wealth and cashflow creation capabilities strategies for greater financial abundance


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