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Are you already investing in real estate and or want to go to the next level of success in creating wealth in property?

If you answered YES, to any of this question, then our Astute Property Investor certification will build those professional property investor skills that will enable you to play at the top of the game.

Imagine being able to source, negotiate and put together then make happen multi million $ property deals & Joint Ventures that can provide you with cashflow while running the project and deliver substantial equity positions, in many cases with “no money down”. This is what Professional Property Investors do by creating the opportunities for themselves and others to participate in.

The Astute Property Investor certification is designed to fast track the building of your property investment portfolio and your wealth to the point where some students in time will pursue this as their full time profession.

Through this program you will be personally mentored by Property Investment Professionals who are creating this result for themselves

You will also be invited in to be part of our Inner Circle community and property deals that are only available to this select group as they have the skills and mindset to capitalize on these intricate opportunities.

If becoming an Astute Professional Investor and being able to create these results is something that you desire, this is the program designed for you.


The most advanced skills and strategies that will enable you to operate at all levels and in all asset classes of property investment. You will learn how to;

  • Source and negotiate the best property deals both on & off market.
  • Put together multi million $ property development joint ventures that will generate you cashflow and equity positions, sometimes “with no money down”
  • Accelerate the building of your multi million $ portfolio easily and without risk.
  • How you can make Property Investment your profession


By enrolling in this essential program you will get;

  • The documentation and resources required to put large property deals together that will create “win-win” opportunities for all stakeholders.
  • One on one mentoring with those who are out there making it happen.
  • Invitations to participate in our Inner Circle opportunities
  • Your copy of the Property Masterplan modeling software


By completing this program you will

  • Have developed the skills and mindset of a Professional Property Investor that will enable
  • You will have access to resources that would cost you hundreds of thousands of $ to develop


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