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I always knew I should be building a property portfolio but simply never had the time (or frankly, the inclination) to do it. I chose Jack Henderson and his Property Buyer’s Agency to find an investment property for me as they seemed professional, I only had to pay their fee when they found me a property I wanted (i.e. they had to perform) and I had read one whole book on the subject.

Jack Henderson  was happy to show me as many properties as I wanted so I could better understand what was “good” property and what was “great” property. He would look at “hundreds” of properties and then introduce me to the select few that he believed were the cream of the crop and best suited my objectives. He organised everything, I simply had to meet him on site to look over the properties.

Jack has investment property himself and this practical, real-world experience shows.

I recently purchased my first property through Jack’s team – a 2 bedroom apartment in St Kilda West, one street back from the beach…. Jack was able to negotiate a private sale to prevent the property going to auction that weekend.

If you’re wondering whether or not to use Jack’s team and if their fee is worth it, then having been through the whole process now, here are my views.  If Jack’s team can locate you a blue-chip property that will experience capital growth of say 9% rather than 7% per annum (just 2% more) per annum than any property you might be able to locate and secure yourself, this is worth another $120,000 to you over ten years on a property initially valued at $300,000.  Faster capital growth also means that you build more equity faster and you can leverage this equity to secure more property in a shorter period.

Blue chip property also means it’s easier to get and retain quality tenants.

Jack’s team has also provided me valuable contacts with people who provide services that are integral to the business of property investment including an accountant for tax planning and asset protection, lawyer for conveyancing and finance broker for how to best structure loans.  All of whom were unrelated parties.  And again, I don’t have time to be scouring the countryside for these professionals.

They also make the process even easier by offering optional property management services and renovation services.  You are free to choose anyone you like to provide these services, but I found it easier to deal with the one entity you know.

Jack and everyone else at Jack’s team have been up front and honest in their dealings with me.  Jack’s team are all people who invest in property and you can benefit from their experience.  If you want to build a property portfolio and don’t have the time, skill or couldn’t be bothered doing all the research and leg-work to do it, then Jack’s team is a great option.

Every year you don’t own an investment property is probably costing you ten of thousands of dollars in capital growth.  So why wait?

Bruce, Gowanbrae, Victoria.



I am a very busy, professional accountant.

Whilst already owning several investment properties in Perth I was keen to start looking interstate.

Jack Henderson and his team found me a property that met all my identified criteria. They provided me with all the data and information I needed to make an informed decision. I was very pleased with the result.

Jack Henderson did the negotiations on my behalf, this was extremely successful. We managed to get the property at less than we expected to pay and less than the purchase price of an identical unit in the block 7 months earlier.

I would certainly recommend Jack’s team to others. They took all my needs into account and helped me to acquire a great property without all the normal stresses of time and energy associated with house hunting!…

Lillian, Subiaco, Western Australia.


HelloI am an Qld property investor, and was looking to invest in Melbourne. I don’t know the Melbourne market, and I have very little available time to do the research required to invest successfully. I decided to use a property buying agent, and was recommended by word of mouth to look at Jack Henderson. Jack’s team quickly found a suitable unit in Prahran, did all the legwork, and lined me up for an offer. The fact that we were pipped was mainly due to my inertia.

Within a week, Jack  had found an alternative, in a similar location, at a good price (out of town agent, quick sale for a vendor in a hurry).

Throughout this process I was impressed with the quality of information – photos, floor plans, etc. All documents were presented quickly and easily via email, all I had to do was read, decide and sign. At no stage did I feel pressured to buy! Throughout the process, Jack  was easygoing and understanding of my preferences and concerns, and fully accessible for a discussion, chat, sounding board, whatever.

This has been the easiest purchase I have made…

Justin, Avalon, New South Wales.


Though I already have several properties that I have found and negotiated myself I decided to use Jack’s team to help me to buy my next investment property for two reasons.

Firstly because their full time presence in the market gives them a better understanding of values and opportunities than me, as well as better relationships with the selling agents, and secondly because they prided themselves as being able to find properties “with a twist”, which is an opportunity to make some quick returns.  I also talked with the people at Jack’s team that I would be working with and was very comfortable with them. Jack’s team found a unit in Malvern for me. They negotiated a purchase price of $522,250 when the asking price was $545,000 meaning a $22,750 reduction.

All of this happened while I was living in Malaysia and, in fact, was on a holiday at an island resort!  I would recommend Jack’s team to anyone who is new to the property market or who does not have the huge amount of time required to do proper research.”

Peter, Ipoh, Malaysia



I would like to offer the following testimonial to Jack Henderson’s crack team for buying investment property in Melbourne. I am happy for this to be used in any way you see fit...( read more..).

Jason, Washington State, USA

I just wanted to thank you for helping me obtain such a wonderful property with so much potential and meeting all my criteria....( read more..).

Nick, Sorrento, Western Australia

This letter is to thank you on behalf of my wife and myself. We found your assistance in purchasing our first property to be invaluable and informative....( read more..).

Charles and Hildabrand, Glen Innes, Victoria

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