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The 7 steps to financial freedom

This approach is based on applying proven wealth creation strategies, education, resources and access to opportunities that collectively will create the momentum and capabilities to achieve financial success. The steps are

Step 1 The choice to create financial freedom
It may seem an obvious step, however most people haven’t made this conscious decision to create financial freedom for many reasons such as past financial failures, belief that its not possible or not knowing how just to name a few. This step identifies all the barriers that have held you back in the past so you can begin to create the right thinking and imagination that will realize the future of your dreams.

Step 2 Clean up the past
“Your past does not determine the future”. This step is different for everyone, it is very important though so that the past doesn’t carry into the future. For some it may mean having to deal with financial and debt issues, for others it may mean getting their affairs in order. Starting you new journey with financial clarity and order provides a solid base to then move forward in creating financial abundance.

Step 3 Designing a compelling future
One of the most exciting and empowering things you can do is to imagine and design a future you truly desire and be able to answer the question “What is financial freedom to me?” By doing so it gives you the clarity, focus, energy and passion to then generate ideas and strategies which you can make happen that then collectively will contribute to realizing the life you are meant to have.

Step 4 Unleash your potential
Everyone has the potential to create greatness in their lives for both themselves and those that they care for. In this step of the program you will learn how breakthrough personal limitations then how to create new behaviours and qualities that match the future, which you want to create.

Step 5 Maximizing cash flow
There are two parts to this step, the first is answering the question “what are all of the opportunities that I can realize to achieve my desired income objectives” so that you can implement your answers to generate greater cash flow than you have now. The next is to visit all you areas of spending to see where you can either achieve greater savings or greater value than what you are currently achieving or maximizing your net tax position. These two approaches will deliver you a much greater “bottom line” to then build savings and wealth.

Step 6 Become a Wealth Creator
To create wealth requires specific knowledge, skills and qualities. In this step you will begin to identify and acquire these learning’s that will enable you to replicate the results of others who have created a life of financial abundance.

Step 7 Taking action
To achieve the financial freedom you desire requires focused energy and action. This final step in the program will show you a proven methodology as to how to create the greatest results with the least amount of time and energy while having fun along the way. Once you learn how to do this you can then use these insights to help you create other breakthrough results in the other parts of life where you want to experience your full potential.


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